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Asked past seven days regarding the discrepancy with regards to the timing, Krumholtz declined comment, indicating by his bailiff that “a court can only discuss any problem Through its conclusions.”

Just one week immediately after he was elected on the posture, a consulting firm he runs termed Turbillion LLC obtained a payment of US$ 253,a hundred and fifty from Hilux Providers, a shell company that is an element in the Azerbaijani Laundromat. The main reason to the payment is mentioned, cryptically, as “into the agreement.”

When contacted by OCCRP reporters for remark, Baguirov said the payment he received was none of their business.

Needless to say Nizami in any other case praised Shirvanshah Akhsitan I elsewhere within the poem – He's All things considered producing it for every the latter’s behalf and is particularly finding generously, we believe, paid. And his Turkic-born 14-year previous son has shown great wisdom is convincing his father to go forward.

Also due to the fact he doesn't have a enough knowledge of the Persian language, and he's not a scholar of Persian litearture, his polemic can not be A part of the references. Else I've some polemic will work (or could acquire use of it) by an Armenian/Iranian/Russian authors and I may also Obtain each of the text right here thus far, and make a polemic operate.

The purest and most immediate descendants of Medes and its nation (which was also not uniform and consisted of various ethnos) are Azerbaijanis and Kurds, Talysh and Tat. Particularly the ethnic Persians (Fars) are hardly in the primary line, they Stick to the abovementioned ethnos – that’s also why the Fars location is during the south of Iran, not north. The “Persians” of The traditional historians are just like the “Persians” of today – any individual from Iran is referred to as “Persian” in the US such as (Though “Iranian” is more well-liked in other nations around the world), whatever real ethnicity the person is.

A further Phony assert of Mr. Baguirov: Ferdowsi was requested Shahnameh by a Turk, as was the situation with a number of other non-Turkic poets. . This assertion is false right now (experienced Mr. Baguirov read any of your current scholarship of Ferdowsi which include that by Dr. Khaleghi Motlaq). Indeed Ferdowsi begun his work during the Samanid period. What number of unsubstantiated claims is Mr. Baguirov intending to make? He then proceeds: It was a Turk who requested the poem, it absolutely was him who, despite the not really favorable language, paid for it, and it was him who requested to transcribe it on many manuscripts and thus reserve it for the long run generations Again repeateding a similar assertion without the need of undertaking any exploration!

من اگرچه علي الظاهر ترکم اما نژادم از پارسيانست. جدم حاجي احمد از رشت آمده در آذربايجان توطن اختيار کرده است.

As is evident within the textual content, Shirvanshah Especially asks Nizami to write down in and use motifs of both Arabic or Persian, implying that by no means ought to A different language and motives – in which Evidently Turki and Turkic is singled out – be employed.

The thing is this has very little to do with any sort of ethnicity! And due to the fact Turk in Persian intended beautiful lover rather than Ethipions in Persian poetry (and these have been the mongloid turks as Nizami calls them repeatedly Cheshm Tang (slender eyed)), He's stating that this moral natural beauty is not Discover More really bought In this particular ugly Ethiopia (Habash). This has very little to perform with ethnicity. Just after 300 lines of advice, the teacher hopes that his advices are going to be taken very seriously. Else Nizami didn't reside in Ethiopia. And he doesn't have even my site one verse of Turkish (assuming he could discuss it) although there have been certaintly Seljuqids who might have aided him if he wanted to compose.

Since it seems, A different receiver of Laundromat dollars — into the tune of a quarter million pounds — was an influential American oil and fuel specialist of Azerbaijani origin who labored to influence US plan in his indigenous place’s favor.

Any revision of the present report and to say Nizami Ganjavi as an ethnic Turk is really an allegation which has not been supported by scholars of the modern instances and Western scholars. Also I've carried out babelfish translation of Mr.

Furthermore, as I Evidently argued right before, no serious Nizami scholar has the proper to disregard Russian-language scholarship on Nizami – and nobody does that as well as tries to do this besides the likes of Mr. Doostzadeh.

17) The rates from Diwan of Nizami are certainly not direct but indirect from performs of other writers. Their veracity is questionable due to the fact a mixture up of various poets is very common in Persian poetry.

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